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What is the difference between dot peen and scribing?

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The dot peen marking is fastdirect and permanent. Technifor currently offers 2 types of dot peen marking machines: electromagnetic or pneumatic.

Scribing marking machines allow precisedeep and clean engraving. The stylus penetrates into the material and then, moved from X to Y marks, it scribes the surface of the part and performs the marking

For industrial engravings that require speed, use a pneumatic machine. If you need more precision, use the electromagnetic machine.

Often preferred use on production lines for VIN marking on car chassis, scribing does not chip and offers a silent solution. In a single operation, mark alphanumeric characters and a Datamatrix code!

Dot peen allows the same marking to be carried out on uneven surfaces without losing the high contrast quality this is due to the 3D stylus, of Technifor innovation.

High speeds and low maintenance costs, two key elements of industrial scribing machines.